Weight Loss Motivation Tips

Trying to lose weight is not an easy thing to do and you need all the help and encouragement you can get to achieve your goal.

The 3 Week Diet

A strict diet and exercise program can be challenging but the only way to succeed is to stay motivated.

Whenever things get too tough and you want to give up, these motivation tips can help you with weight loss and make the process a lot easier.

Set a Reasonable Goal

Anyone who wants to lose weight should have a weight loss goal.

Health experts recommend a gradual weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week, but oftentimes people set their goals too high.

Not only is drastic weight loss dangerous but it can be disappointing if you do not achieve your goal.

Plan on losing 6 to 8 pounds a month and be motivated by your success.

Visualize Yourself at Your Goal Weight

One of the most effective weight loss motivation tips is for you to visualize yourself looking slim and slender.

A photo of yourself at your ideal weight provides the best visual motivation.

Place the photo in a prominent place at home or your workplace.

You can stick it to your refrigerator or pantry, so each time you are tempted to eat something you shouldn’t, your visual reminder will motivate you to eat a healthy snack instead.

Don’t Deprive Yourself Completely

People who are desperate to lose weight often reduce their food intake to dangerously low levels.

Women should not consume less than 1,200 calories per day.

For men, the calorie intake should not go below 1,500 calories daily.

Eating too few calories can cause malnutrition and other health problems, so eat a nutritious and well-balanced diet.

Even though you are trying to lose weight, it does not mean you can no longer eat the foods you enjoy.

If you like chocolate and ice cream, set aside times when you can allow yourself to enjoy these foods.

Limit yourself to small portions and take the time to savor the taste.

This will curb food cravings and provide more motivation for weight loss.

Reward Yourself for Weight Loss Accomplishments

This weight loss motivation tip will make the process more enjoyable.

Every time you meet a small goal, give yourself a reward.

You can buy yourself a dress, a pair of shoes, or pamper yourself at a beauty spa.

Get Some Support

A friend or family member can provide the motivation you need to succeed with your weight loss program.

You can also join a weight loss support group.

Studies show that dieters who receive support and regular counseling sessions can lose more weight than those who don’t.

Make a Record of Your Accomplishments

This is an important motivation tip for weight loss.

Write down your accomplishments every time you reach a small goal and post it in a prominent place.

This is another way for you to remind yourself that you have what it takes to accomplish your goal and achieve that fit and lean body you have always wanted.