How to Get Flat Abs

For many people getting flat abs is the ultimate goal.

The 3 Week Diet

Health and fitness experts are always being asked how to get flat abs.

However, if you want a flat belly or six-pack abs you must do more than crunches and sit-ups.

To get flat abs you also must reduce the layer of fat on your tummy.

Many people have tried doing crunches for months or even years without making a significant improvement in their flabby belly.

Sadly, they are operating on the misconception that working the abs will flatten the belly.

Advertisements on TV and fitness magazines are partly to blame.

They often claim that you can get flat abs using their special technique or fitness equipment.

Six-pack abs, however, are difficult to get and abs exercise may not be what you need to get flat abs.

How to Get Flat Abs: What You Need to Do

You need to work really hard to get flat abs.

But even if you are totally committed to your workout routine you may still find it hard to make your belly flat.

Some people are genetically predisposed to store fat in their lower belly.

This makes it more difficult to get flat abs.

There’s only one way guaranteed to flatten your tummy and that is to lose body fat.

The best way to attain this is to:

  • Perform regular cardiovascular exercise
  • Do strength training for the whole body
  • Eat a healthy, low-calorie diet

All three of these are necessary for getting flat abs.

Diet is very important because you should make sure that you burn more calories than you take in.

Sometimes, you still won’t get absolutely flat abs even after losing body fat.

Your current lifestyle may not make it possible to lower your body fat to the required level.

Or, in your case the body fat level required to get six-pack abs may be too low for your body to function in a healthy manner.

Doing crunches and other abs exercises will tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles, giving you rock-hard abs.

However, you may still have a flabby belly because of your genes.

If your body is genetically predisposed to store fat in the abdominal area, you will not get six-pack abs.

Exercises to Get Strong, Flat Abs

Core exercises are effective in getting flat abs because they work many of the muscles in the torso.

These muscles work together for better stability.

Many of the best core exercises utilize your body weight as resistance.

Some of the exercises you can do to strengthen your core muscles include plank exercise, push-ups, squats, hip lift, back bridge, oblique twist, and lunges.

Trim Your Tummy

Abs exercises alone will not melt the fat in your middle.

That’s why it’s important to do cardio exercises.

Walking, jogging, jumping rope, swimming, and aerobics will help burn fat from all over your body, including the midsection.

 Interval training three times a week will also fire up your metabolism, so you’ll drop weight more quickly.

Healthy Diet

Don’t let all your hard work and exercise go to waste.

Eat a healthy diet that’s low on calories to reduce body fat and get flat abs.