Foods to Help You Lose Weight

We know that the only way to lose weight is to consume fewer calories than we burn.

The 3 Week Diet

Unfortunately for all dieters out there, there is no scientific proof that foods with negative calories exist; that is, foods that require more calories to digest than they contain in the first place.

However, there are low-calorie foods that can help you lose weight.

By substituting high-calorie foods with low-calorie foods to lose weight, you’ll achieve your weight goal as quickly as possible.

How to Recognize Weight Loss Foods

If you are trying to lose body fat, you must know which foods are best for weight loss.

Foods to lose weight have the following characteristics:

High in Fiber

Foods that help you lose weight are often high in fiber.

The fiber helps to fill you up more quickly, so you eat less and consume fewer calories.

High fiber foods include fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals, and beans.

Low in Fat

Foods that are low in fat are naturally lower in calories.

Keep in mind that fat contains twice as many calories as the same quantity of carbohydrates or protein.

Limit your fat intake if you want to lose weight.

High in Nutrition

Foods to help you lose weight are nutritionally dense.

Lean meats, legumes, eggs, and whole-grain cereals are rich in Vitamin B-complex that helps release energy from food and aids in metabolism.

High in Water Content

Foods that are high in water content are often low in calories and will help you to lose weight.

Fresh and Natural

The best foods to lose weight are fresh and natural products.

Avoid highly processed foods that are often high in sodium, fats, and sugar.

Some of the best foods to help you lose weight are fruits, vegetables, legumes, brown rice, and other whole-grain foods, and fresh fish.

Foods to Lose Fat While Gaining Muscles

Dieters who are not careful when trying to lose weight may end up losing not only body fat but also muscle mass.

This is not a good thing to happen especially if you want a lean and well-defined physique.

Muscle mass is important because it boosts your metabolism and helps keep you from storing more fat.

To avoid loss of muscle mass, you must eat the following foods that allow you to lose weight while saving muscle mass.


Eggs are protein-packed but relatively low in calories.

If you eat only the whites, you will eliminate the fat.

Lean Meat

Lean meat, especially pork, contains a high amount of protein and B vitamins without a lot of fat.

Full-Fat Cheese

This may seem like a bad idea, but cheese is one of the best foods to lose weight.

Cheese is high in protein and the fat in cheese helps you to feel full and satisfied.

Oily Fish

Salmon and other oily fishes are rich in protein as well as heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are the ideal snack foods to help you lose weight.

Nuts are high in protein, good fats, and antioxidants.

A small handful of almonds or walnuts will provide a good dose of Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that can fight free radicals and help repair and build your muscles.